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  • Team Standards

    Our bookkeepers are required to fulfill five standards – education, certification, experience, testing & training:


    Minimum Level 1/2 Accounting, University/College
    • Minimum IPBC Certification
    • Minimum 5 years experience
    • Successfully completed our Skills & Speed Assessment Module
    • Successfully completed our Training Module

    Generally speaking most bookkeepers fall into two categories:

    • Independent Bookkeepers – who work on their own and, if the are worth their salt, will fill their books within 12-18 months
    • Franchises – the franchisees pay for two weeks training and a name but essentially operate in the same way as a bookkeeper working on their own

    If you were to put several bookkeepers in a room, there would be several ways of processing the books...consistency is what makes the business owner in control of their finances.  The only way to achieve this is to ensure your bookkeeper has the proper training and follows procedures that ensure "best-practice" bookkeeping each and every time.

    We had been let down by bookkeepers who claimed that they were proficient in Quickbooks or SAGE but we found the opposite was true when they started the processing. So we now use our Skills & Speed Assessment to test the applicant’s proficiency in Quickbooks or SAGE and general bookkeeping skills. This must be completed successfully before they have an interview. That has helped enormously to weed out inexperienced candidates.

    Once selected they complete our Training Module – an intensive theoretical and practical training in all aspects our bookkeeping system before qualifying starting as one of our bookkeepers.


  • Lisa Campbell-Marchese, CPB

    Owner/Certified Professional Bookkeeper

    Certified Member, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

    Certified ProAdvisor, Quickbooks & Quickbooks Online

    Premier Advisor, Sage Accountants Network


    With 25 years of experience that started with wanting to understand the financials of my own small business, I know how important great books are from both the accounting side as well as the business owner side.